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Monday, January 21, 2013


Walking upside down
a million paces behind the morning
The stars my stepping stones,
The night sky my pond
I figure if anything can teach my feet
The right steps
In the dance of life
It would be the constellations.

Sometimes though
I look up at earth
And miss it so…
 I forget that it rarely had time for me
And back again, like a turbulent affair,
 to the ground I go

Strolling through
 a summer’s dream
The moon hides
Lost love behind its face
 Love that used to reside
between the sand
And ocean’s greeting kiss
Every time I walk the shore
I find that I miss you more
And back again, to the sky, I go.

Like a plane
 passing through,
A piece of me forever flies
Over a waving sea of goodbyes.
Everyday my life begins
At a vacation’s end.
My heart is a tired traveler
with no more postcards to send.


  1. Those last two lines are going to stay with me. For a long, long time.

  2. Trying to catch up....absolutely gorgeous. I literally had to read it over again because it so touched me. No more post cards to send....haunting. <3


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