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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where is Your Heart

You tell me your mouth can sing a tune
That tricks an angel into thinking heaven moved
as she starts to pack her things
And spreads her wings

But where is your heart?
Can I hear your heart?

You tell me you can lift
 your weight and mine in tragedy
and carry it forever without putting it down
You can be stabbed with sorrow’s sword and never frown

But where is your heart?
Can I hold your heart?

You know words so large,
they bulge out of margins
and that’s okay,
 because you can tailor their pages in such a fancy way

But where is your heart?
Can I read your heart?

Can you show me a smile
Those words have magically marked on a face?
Can you show me the goosebumps
That formed when your travelling voice
reached the soul beneath another’s flesh?

Where is your heart?
Can you show me your heart?

All this strength and talent you carry
Mean very little to me
 if your heart
isn’t big enough for distant eyes to see.

So put your heart inside 
everything you share
and help love move the world


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