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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fragile Strings

A fragile string of a violin
Waiting for that tender caress
Of the understanding bow
So that it may express its sorrow;
For that reliable ear
 leaning all of its attention toward the neglected soul.

The constant vibrations of pain
hoping to be guided
to harmony’s healing home.
Ailing hearts whisper to the melody
You’re not alone…
Offering an answer to the aching
Cries for companionship

That is where pain and passion
collide their art to conceive
A beautiful mess
Traveling like a spill,
much too swift
 and too great to fully absorb
But if you’re lucky
it will swim through your emotions
and stain your mind
Until solitude becomes a stranger
Until you become a part of
More than just the parts of you.


  1. Again, I love this one. As I read this one, I found myself slowing down as I went, as if I needed to absorb each feeling and each sentiment.

  2. I like the concept of a violin, which has very mathematical considerations for proper function, serving as an introduction for a spill. The contrast is quite creative, well done.

  3. This one made me cry. You seem to speak my soul Trish. I love you and your soul...thank you for being brave enough to share you and include me in that. I am honored. Hugs and love...lots of them.


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