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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slipping on Spilled Time

In a world where
my subconscious
is still figuring you out;
still yet to stumble on the road
my open eyes have seen.

My mind drifts into a hazy night.
I attach the swirling wind
like wheels,
to your memory
but the engine has stalled in my chest
and refuses to let you go.

I’ve released my desires
when I discovered them
clinging to dandelions.
I threw my last two cents
into an obscure well
that dwelled so strangely,
deep and dark beneath a land
that hope surrounds.
But how can I rid my dreams
of your haunting stride?

If only I could find the soil
where I buried my pride
and dig up each treasure
saved for a faraway decade;
Treasures that turned out to be
 I’ve been starving without
 each day along the way.

Perhaps I could drink
Some witch’s poisoned brew,
But that would surely
Slip my thoughts even further back
To the precious time I spilled with you.

I guess I’ll just have to let
My dreams find a way
To finally understand
I let go
a long time ago
I let go
of  yesterday's fickle love
and the past's cold hand


  1. <3 Do you tire if reading my love notes? I never tire of reading yours.

  2. That is beautiful and haunting. Scary what our dreams believe when we are sure we have moved on.

  3. Thank you, Jean! Mine have been very annoying! :-)


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