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Monday, April 1, 2013

Beyond The Reaching Arms of Rescue

Did you feel me aching for you
while you were under covers
hiding from a comet's stare
shushing the clock's nervous ticks
begging a pillow
 to catch each tear
so that the drops won't give up
your whereabouts

Did you hear me hurting for you
when you swallowed the key
to your chambers
and choked
beyond the reaching arms of rescue
so that you could let the night sleep in peace
instead of climbing over it
 to turn on the light

Did you feel me missing you
before you were even gone
when I stretched out my leg
and tried to trip you
at the very first step
of multiple attempts
to leave

Did you see me crying for you
Did you recognize my fists
 flailing through the void
that now takes up residence
inside your silhouette

It was never my intention
to lay my aching
over your pain.

I shouldn't have hurt for you
I should have hoped for you
so you could feel my hope
and hold on
long enough to find my love.


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