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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All of Us

Eyes closing, closing
body horizontal
breathing, breathing

Lift your voice
and lay it down
softly over my ears
like a red sheet escaping the laundry line
to play costume dress-up with the wind

Send me someplace--
express it in the mail;
 or better yet,
 take me anywhere

Let's run like our legs won't meet never
Let's skip like our hearts are pretend
Our hands a round-trip ticket
We'll see if we could bend
the time between now and the end
until it becomes a hula hoop
that we will throw over the moon
and laugh, and laugh
and smile so loud
that the lost will find our lips
and be kissed back in tune

All of us
the sad, the lonely, 
the weary, 
the lower,
the higher,
December's cold
August's fire
the full,
the hollow,
the giant's lead
and the young to follow
 the all rights and okays
the sapphire blues
and sea of grays

All of us
 all at once,
link our keys
all on the same ring
then toss them up high
and hear the jingle cry
until prison lets us out
and home lets us in


  1. All of us! Oh yeah, imma like this. So much in so few words, your special talent. ❤


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