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Sunday, January 29, 2017


The turbulent clouds form a frown,
 their sorrow will soon be teeming down.
The tea kettle is screaming
I'm awake, because
My nights won't stop dreaming
Of the last room
You filled with your voice.

The echoes survive.
 Sometimes, it kills me to feel alive;
Haunting to know
 for a while, we all have a choice...

And where did yours go?
And why would it not wait ?
The bright hour of the morning
Left not a hint of a warning
That the time was much too late.

You didn't think you'd be missed,
You know, that makes me pissed!
 I've met the wandering streams
that ran into every smile you've kissed.

 Meteors of broken hearts fall
Through the space of each moment
That used to hold your hand.
I stand and wait to be struck
Where I hope the enlightenment will land.

The disappearance of your future
 Is the worst mystery I'll never understand.


  1. ­čśó I just wanna hug you and have all the answers. I do not. I have instead the same questions. Luv u

  2. Beautifully said. I know your pain, and wish I could make it all better for you ❤HUGS❤

  3. Spellbinding, commemorative, essential...

    This is for you Sister, isn't it?

    There is more love here, than a page can contain. <3


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