Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Let's close our eyes
we don't need the artificial light
to show we've finally moved,
 through the crowded night

You know that beautiful stranger         
who once told us her name was Rest?
in case you've forgotten
she arrives in her sleepwear best
when we take a deep breath 
and count the heartbeats
 which keep us blessed

And that pen,
that often asks
to dance with the next page
wants us to know
it will no longer waltz
with the storm and all its rage

Paths taken seeking summer blue
often led us to many a nasty fall.
 Though we may not be sun or bird
we've tempted fate
Risen with the morning to see it all

The frost will keep us still for a time
then suddenly disappear
and our prayers will flow more freely
through the lighter air

The perennials,
 as promised
 will continue to greet another year...

To blossom is such a beautiful thing
and for that let's thank the devotion 
of the returning spring

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