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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Lives For you

It’s like the feel of a first love’s hand
On a last night together
If tears came unsalted
Would life be unsweetened?
Would roses bloom on cheeks in spring?

Who seeks such things and why?
Not I…

A human heart
A human soul
So much more there to see and feel
So much to discover
So much to never understand

Smooth surfaces can cause a slip
But I prefer to leap and freefall
Then bounce back for more
I can die feeling rich
Because I was born so poor.

Who twirls through them all like an August storm then stops to dance?
 Yes, I…

When the world is rough around the edges
Full of untamed meadows
and hidden stones your naked feet can’t bear
Find the wild orchards of silent wishes
Waiting to be breathed true

Fear overcome
Exploding shields
That’s what I’ve lived through

And that is life
It lives for you.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poetry To The Lost Poet

I’ve left the light on for you

When love has forgotten to love
When strength laughs, heartlessly mocking
all attempts to pick it up
when closed doors won’t respond to knocking
When clouds of uncertainty
Hide all trails leading the way into a star filled sky
When you’re too numb to hope
 no ability to laugh at the fact you can’t cry

I'll leave the light on for you

When “whatever”
Becomes the only word your voice can muster
When the “if onlys” and the “can’ts”
In your mind, blend into a murky cluster
When ghosts seem more alive
than you’ve felt in years
when you can’t turn away
from yesterday’s glares

I’ll leave the light on for you

When inside everything is no more
And all ways lead to more lost
When spring catches cold
From the leftover winter frost
When all things
You thought you always knew
All become utterly untrue

Turn to my pages
I’ve left the light on for you
As I’ve done for you each night
Come sit and write beneath my light

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Words...

Like a thirst
quenched by
a potion
intoxicating smiling eyes
that sometimes drop a tear

Do you really like them?
Do you really get them?
Or have you plucked out a few pretty words
Flowing syllables,
 like a sparkly dress on a rack
And said “I think this would look good on a Saturday night, with my hair down…”
Some would think…”well, hey, that’s kinda cool”
But no
It’s not
Look away
 that would be fine by me
Feel them like your heart is your only sense of touch
See them like your soul is your only sense of sight
And then carry it all with you
So it wakes you in the deepest part of night
Because what’s inside
What I’ve smeared on this screen
Is pretty
Is ugly
Is a hot fucking cold mess of everything I’ve known
With colors and shades
more permanent than markers could ever scar a page
It’s a recipe of a disastrous life
That I sometimes thank God for out loud
It’s the shadow of a nervous tree
That you can barely see
Because you were too busy
Staring at the streetlights
Creating diamonds out of rain
All across your window

This may not be the kind of rhythm
Heels could click to in a club
But if you listen
If you really listen…
Dance will have a whole new meaning
It will make you stop to chase that uncaught breath
It will knock the wind out of you
Make you fall for so long
That you’ll beg to hit the ground
Just to know and feel its end…
But you won’t really want to know.