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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Lives For you

It’s like the feel of a first love’s hand
On a last night together
If tears came unsalted
Would life be unsweetened?
Would roses bloom on cheeks in spring?

Who seeks such things and why?
Not I…

A human heart
A human soul
So much more there to see and feel
So much to discover
So much to never understand

Smooth surfaces can cause a slip
But I prefer to leap and freefall
Then bounce back for more
I can die feeling rich
Because I was born so poor.

Who twirls through them all like an August storm then stops to dance?
 Yes, I…

When the world is rough around the edges
Full of untamed meadows
and hidden stones your naked feet can’t bear
Find the wild orchards of silent wishes
Waiting to be breathed true

Fear overcome
Exploding shields
That’s what I’ve lived through

And that is life
It lives for you.



  1. Simply beautiful. Another amazing DWV production!

  2. Love this Trish!! You are a true artist!

  3. If life weren't a little gritty, I'd lose my grip, for sure.

    Lovely poem!

  4. Excellent! Your poetry always takes me on a ride, and I love that about it. There's something there that feels like I can grab on and go, not sure where it'll take me, but sure enough that the wind in my face will carry familiar scents and kindle familiar emotions.

    I'm SO glad that you're writing again!


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