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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Do You Remember?

Do you remember how love felt?
Does love recall touching you?
Can you offer peace to my puzzled soul
And tell me are memories still true?
Or are they like the sky
Elusive, and ever changing back to blue?

Do you remember the places we walked
Before we both walked away?
Now I’m not suggesting
I want to exchange rings with yesterday
Though it would sure be sweet
If now and then it came back to play

Sometimes I think if I closed my eyes
I would once again be certain to find you.
I bet if happiness danced into my life
It would fit perfectly in your size shoe
As it did when we waltzed before, where the footprints 
of each step remain as constant as crazy glue

You quieted my city mind
hushed the noise like a strong, swift country breeze
and left me calm, and open to be taken everywhere
surrounded with contentment, and green October trees
bracing for the Fall.
Your love was my heart’s sentry, I felt so safe and so at ease

Do you remember?
I hope I never do
Because I can’t ever recall
All that I’ve never forgotten…


  1. *sigh*

    You sweep me away every time I read you. I love this kind of being swept away.

  2. Well,shucks! Glad to be holding the broom again because I've really, really missed and have been dying to write and post some more completed poems. This was just a quick one to get back into practice and warm up for the new year.

  3. Yeah! So we have more to look forward to in the new year? That's a great thing! ♥

  4. It makes me happy that you think that way, Jo! I really appreciate it!

    We'll see what happens. I've been itchin' to write again, more-so than usual and poetry has been a constant necessity for me and a bit of an annoying curse, for a long time. It's a sin to call it a curse but most days, I think it's going to drive me insane. I'm always writing inside my head but I need to type it out or it's like taking a half dose of medicine.

  5. Loved was so easy to relate to and made perfect sense.
    Beautiful post!

  6. This was very haunting and a bit sad. Very moving and well written!


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