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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Gratitude

How could I feel so much
From someone that lay
so many miles away
The way he touched me
Like some kind of magic trick
No hands
Just words whispered from lips
That slipped inside my heart
Though I could not watch their movement
Still, I felt the need to kiss

Make it true
Make it love
Make it this

For as long as the clock’s hands move
And as far as ours will reach
For as long as love has nothing to prove
And life has everything to teach
I will have someone to thank

Make it live
Make it move
Make it bliss

And now I go
Toward a season undiscovered
with no layers
with no fan
with no you
no way of knowing
whether I’ll fly away
or stand
no fingertips tracing
the lifeline on my hand

Make it fate
Make it you
Make your way to me

For as long as destiny has a resting place
And desires need a soft spot to land
For as long as hearts feel the urge to race
And canyons remain wide and grand
You, my love, will have my gratitude


  1. That must have been a good, good night? Week? Month? Year? Hour?
    You're just teasing every man who has ever talked with you. They all think it's them. I like that, a lot.

    Gratitude. hummmm

    1. I'm sneaky that way.

      Yes it was an amazing night, week, month, year and hour! ;-)

  2. woah.......this could be a song!!!!!! from your heart to share with the this

    1. Shame I can't sing though. Thank you, Brenda!


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