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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This one kind of came out like a country song...or at least that's what it sounds like in my head. :-)

Not all days and nights are right for reminiscing
But sometimes the sunset seems to know
When I miss all the ways you touched me
With just the right amount of soft and slow
and with a violent passion
you beat right into my quiescent heart
and it’s there, where you still manage to flow

Not all clouds are shaped like yesterdays
But sometimes I feel like the sky is teasing me
It’s not the blue that reminds me of you
It’s the warmth of the sun, just before it leaves me
Then I wander back into that moment
When I first met your smile
Before that, I didn’t know all that much about happy

Knowing days like that can still live
Gives me hope that I’ll see love again soon
And not just between
the setting sun and the rising moon
but  in all of the places willows won’t cry
and for far longer 
than the sun lights up the hours of June


  1. You're does sound like a country song, but I like country songs, so that's a good thing. That last stanza would definitely be the chorus! A few more in-between stanzas and you'll be ready to send it off to Taylor Swift. :O)

    1. I'm gonna have to agree with Jo on this about Faith Hill instead? Taylor is a good songwriter though, I'll give her that.

  2. Country song? Well, okay, but not to Taylor Swift, send it off to someone who can actually sing! :)
    I love with "just the right amount of soft and slow". Perfection.
    Again, you spoke to me. ♥

    1. It's always great and very interesting to know what stands out most to people when they read my words! Thank you, Jo!

  3. No country - no country - how about a more bluesy style? I can get into that!

    Love ya Trishie.

    1. Well, I do dig the blues and it may work but country is what was going on in my head. Sorry, Maria! ;-)I like my country music sometimes but my taste in music is crazy eclectic and I'll give almost anything a listen. Just be glad I'm not singing this! HAHA


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