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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sometimes Life

Sometimes life
Disguises herself with dark make-up
And hail for hair
She closes the sky
And stays in for the night
puts the stars back in her jewelry case
…nobody noticed them anyway
Then she decides that she is sad
And bathes in salted tears
Refusing to drain her fears

 write her a love letter
explaining that her beauty is eternal
 and too infinite to be hidden
let her know that pretty
seems to like to rest within her dimples
sing her a song she’ll recall she loved
send her a smile she can hear in the harmony
her heart will change
like spring is every other season
and your charm will offer reason

When her eyes are too heavy
To accept the light
When her arms are too full,
 holding boulders of burdens
and pounds of pounding worry
When all that never was, is too bad
And bouts with doubts taunt
 like a sphere of nightmares recurring
When she forgets
All but the regrets…

Remind her who she is
In the beginning
 at the end
and all the time in-between
she is worth it
she is beautiful
The deepest part of everything


  1. That's excellent!

    Yvonne <3

    1. Thank you!! Why are you awake at this hour?

  2. I love this. The message is so perfectly beautiful and you know how much I love the way you deliver it. I often wish I had a talent for writing music, because so many of your poems deserve to be sung out.

    1. Maybe one day someone will. That would make my life! It won't be me, though. I can't sing for crap and can't play any instruments to save my life, other than making cool noises on empty vodka bottles.
      Thank you! What a compliment!


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