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Thursday, March 1, 2012



an oven closed
Baked emotions
Burned by the lack of attention
It didn’t want anyway
Now all that's left
is the taste of grey 
and the smoky odor of what the fire left
The fire
That was never dealt with
They've come to make sense
Of the ashes
But breath can not exist here
And nothing familiar
Is there to be recognized

There is nothing fancy
Floating within the cloudy room
Just smoldered dreams
On the glitter-free, 
now sparkless earth
No valuable remnants
To find the sky
And show their worth

A buried heart
Can not grow
And the one who owned it
Only wanted to give it away
Or trade it for freedom
But the heat was too much
and it became ashes scattered
Before it met the air
It died
Without ever having lived

It’s all gone
Or is it?
Is it possible for what never was
To be gone or go?
I’d like to think so


  1. wow. no WOW. You just always move me. ♥

  2. "Now all that's left
    is the taste of grey
    and the smoky odor of what the fire left"

    That'll stick with me for a while.


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