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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Until The Ocean Steals My Smile

I’m not here
 to place my doubts on every sailing cloud
or figure out how
 to turn the volume of my life up real loud
my vision has never been good for distance
And sometimes love’s too far to hold my hand
still I can find happiness in simplicity
often just by drawing smiles in the sand
maybe they won’t stay forever
I know I can say for sure that I won’t
Where will I go?
That may not be
 for me to know
at least not right now...

So I think I’ll just sit and breathe
Until the ocean’s salty sorrow
 steals my smile
and then I’ll draw another for each new day
each time a bit further
and further away
for as long as the shore
 will let me stay


  1. Very anything written about the ocean. It makes me smile too.

    1. I agree! I love any time I can get with the beach or even a lake.

  2. This is a good write. - JFH

  3. Love this Trish!! - Lisa M <3


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