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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Until Then

She wears shades
On cloudy days,
Hears rhymes
Whispered by willows
And deeply breathes them in
Until it’s time to exhale
The words through her pen

She waltzes with memories
Until sadness cuts in
And then her dancing shoes disappear
There’s never a prince to find them
But there’s always next year

She can play the piano with her heart
But her hands aren’t as smart
No one understands
And she says that’s okay
she gets lost in the darkness
trying to find a brand new day
and the man on the moon
Has no hands to point the way
 or join in with a violin

So she shakes her head
And gives a sigh
Wishes the sky
Wasn’t so high
Jealous of planes
They have no soul, yet they can fly

She doesn't want to blend
She doesn't want to mend
She just wants to be
without stubbing her toes on distractions
that interrupt the beauty

One day 
she’ll find a way
When she remembers how to try
Until then, she’ll stand alone
Just like the letter I.