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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


You shouted over
The voice in my head
My thoughts bulldozed
Trapped beneath your volume
Until the last of me was dead
And direction remained unfound
of unwanted sound
causing a train to wreck in the night.
The sky was high but dim
and I believe I am somewhere
near that unseen light

Stumbling through a cloud of you
formed through evaporated tears
life became so weak
from the unused, passing years.
So tired left me through with trying
and anger made me wish I could.
Suffocated, panicked,
splashing sorrow.
Unable to swim across a fear
to say goodbye to tomorrow

So much inside
needing to come out
and become someone
but the streetlights
stood like prison guards
 throughout the endless night
a permanent curfew
and from a star, hung my suspended dreams
I wonder if your voice wasn't so loud,
would my courage have heard my struggled screams?

All the dusty pieces of me
scattered on a basement floor
I couldn't be whole enough
to be anything more
So here I am,
still as I was...
too broken to break through
the barriers
and I wonder...

 If your voice wasn't so loud
would I have heard
 my own bravery
and walked towards a way out
with enough strength, and a proud heart
to silence each daunting shout?


  1. I seriously don't know where your words originate or how you manage each time to find a new way to string them out and touch the reader's heart, but you do, every time.

    "All the dusty pieces of me
    scattered on a basement floor
    I couldn't be whole enough
    to be anything more"

    Powerful picture and I, for one, can identify with this kind of exhaustion.
    You know, but again I say, I love your poetry, I love your heart. ♥

  2. ^^^ Agreeing with Jo. ^^^

  3. I don't know where it comes from most days, either but I am really glad I can do this. I wrote this one real quick on my lunch break today. I think I just have a lot I need to get rid of emotionally lately and I'm lucky to be able to do it this way.

    I always look forward to both of your comments! It's no wonder you are both my favorites.

  4. Writing poetry is the easiest way for me to release my emotions too, Trish.

    I'm glad you got out of, or are away from, whatever/whoever was draining you.

    1. Poetry is definitely good therapy. Thank you, Jay!


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