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Saturday, December 1, 2012


I think I’ll take a moment
To rest on your bed of thoughts
nap inside a painting of your cloudless dreams
 opening my eyes like small basement windows
that don’t often get much light

I think I’ll take some time
To play your song
 Harmony hushing my lips
 and tickling my ears
like a whisper silence waited for

I think I’ll take a second’s chance
To watch you dance partner-less
 around a symphony of new ideas
maybe your rhythm will teach a step
my soul can learn to do

I think I’ll take a day
and abandon myself
To be with you, instead


  1. Oh, I wish the "you" was me! For the subject of this one, I feel complete and total envy.

    IF the subject is the heart of you, please do spend a day with 'her' for I believe she is so worth giving time.

    I feel warm and satisfied right now. ♥

  2. I loved the line, 'rest on a bed of thoughts' - evocative.


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