Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Heaven

There is a place nearby
Where the longing
For the some things
And some ones are kept
For all that I can feel
 but no longer touch
It has no streams
It has no trees
dressed in green, gold or red
it has no cliffs
to sit on the edge
 and contemplate what ifs
It carries no clouds,
and no planes or birds
freely fly through
it holds no life,
just a memory of life that once was

It’s not the same as what I want
It’s what I presently have

There is a faraway place existing
Where I don’t yet exist
Where those some things
And some ones now live
Where butterflies
 frequently flutter
 as indigo happily swirls itself
 across a summer sky
It is swarming with eager smiles
Familiar, kind eyes
and open, fervent arms
It’s nourished through creation
Always bursting with fresh art
It holds life
A life that is now

It’s the same as what I want
And all I am yet to have again

My Heaven is when and where
these two places collide
Where the empty is filled
And when the lost is found


  1. This is beautiful, just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to that day when the two places collide and my empty is filled and my lost is found. Brilliant!!


  2. I believe you have found the dream many of us have. The day when all loves gone before are all around us once again. Oh, my adorable and tender friend, I just love you and your heart so much. xoxo

    I am printing this and the last for my office wall. The words and the love speak directly to my soul.

    Thank you for sharing and being who you are.

  3. Oh Trish, this is beautiful. You have magic, nothing less.

    *wiping away a tear*


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