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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is like nothing else
And so this I can’t explain.
This isn’t like thunder
Because thunder loudly comes and goes
And this silently stays

This is nothing like the rain
Because the rain fills the rivers
and helps the living grow
This drains my strength
This stunts my heart’s growth

This is nothing like grief
Because grief is the lowest of many steps
This doesn't lead my shoes
 to any higher levels
This curls alone in a dark corner

This is nothing like madness
Because madness stems from passion
And has wide, intense open eyes
This has no loving roots
This is a weed suffocated beneath cement

This is nothing like pain
Because no drug can numb this
This can’t be put to sleep with pills
This lies beside insomnia
With no hope for a peaceful coma

This is nothing like fear
Because fear is conceived by the unfamiliar
And I know this too well
This can’t be conquered face to face
This has no face

This isn’t rage
Because rage can be hushed
Like a strong breath to a candle’s flame
This burns
 like a thousand year old unknown part of space

This has no metaphor
This has no image
This has no voice
And I hope you never know this


  1. I wish I had never known it. I'm sorry you have to know it. I'm glad you have love in your life. So much love. <3

    1. I have been lucky when it comes to love. Thank you!


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