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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Story

I remember
when we were first introduced
I had no effect on you
none whatsoever
you played cool
like they named the Oscars after you
even your accidental brushes
brushed up against life
 and painted magnificent pictures
my hands were unworthy of touching
and would have damaged if they tried

You were beautiful
I was broken
tracing your grace
wishing my life could fit inside
Yet so terrified of the thought
of finding any room there for me

Beneath my closed jacket
was a t-shirt
with the word 'trepidation'
fitting tight against my chest.
In my pocket was a map
to where I buried my emotions
so deep
no animal could pick up the scent.

I kept my eyes open
I kept rest away
So I couldn't fall asleep
So I couldn't fall in love
So that nothing
 could ever catch me falling.

Then one night
a weariness took over my soul
and my hands lost the strength
to do anything but let go.
I met the danger of drowning
and that is when
my fingers found your pen
and wrapped themselves around
every thought fear avoided
I wrote and turned pages.
The ink somehow medicated
my rages.

Somewhere between the lines
I found the rhythm of time
I reasoned with its rhyme.
what I tried not to understand
what I tried
so desperately to shove
turned out to be
 what I now know
as poetry
in the calmest form of love.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Greatness of Missing You

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There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
 everywhere I go
sometimes it's heavier than others
and I can never put it down
I'm meant to always feel its weight
That's just the works of tragedy
shaking hands with fate

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me forever
It is as heavy as every second
that I live without you
Yet light enough for me
 to run fast to you
with open arms, in my dreams
light enough for me
to still be lifted by the occasional sunbeams

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
every day and night that I drift without you
it's heavier than
all of life's blows that ever hit me
but still light enough
for me to travel
to the end of the time that I have left
light enough for me to not take a shortcut
or curse the stars for such an immense theft

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
and I want you to know it's always okay
because  love helps me carry it
Your love and mine
and so I'll walk with it
as long as I have to,
just fine

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry
though I will never complain
because any ounce of sadness
is far easier to carry
 than eternal emptiness

So I want to always feel
the greatness of missing you.

A Million Heartbeats

I am learning about time
this time around
how it can take what I love
in just one heartbeat
and how it will take a million of my own heartbeats
before it will give me an anticipated day

I am learning about love
and how simultaneously,
it can leave and stay.

I am learning the importance
of sharing what I need to say.
Otherwise, the urgency and regret
will devour my soul
and I'll have nothing left to bring to heaven
when I must go...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Can

I can see a fresh start
cautiously rising
yet  hopeful
much like the morning sun

I can hear a second chance
sweeping up the mistakes
that left November's floor a mess.

I can no longer feel the staleness
of the same old troubles
crunching beneath my feet everyday;
At least for now, they have drifted away.

I can sense the decades
unwrapping themselves
offering the gifts of each experience,
unmasking the disguise
to reveal the blessing.

I know that it's time
and I know that I can.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fragile Strings

A fragile string of a violin
Waiting for that tender caress
Of the understanding bow
So that it may express its sorrow;
For that reliable ear
 leaning all of its attention toward the neglected soul.

The constant vibrations of pain
hoping to be guided
to harmony’s healing home.
Ailing hearts whisper to the melody
You’re not alone…
Offering an answer to the aching
Cries for companionship

That is where pain and passion
collide their art to conceive
A beautiful mess
Traveling like a spill,
much too swift
 and too great to fully absorb
But if you’re lucky
it will swim through your emotions
and stain your mind
Until solitude becomes a stranger
Until you become a part of
More than just the parts of you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sometimes it eavesdrops  
And leaves sympathetic tears
on a flower
that opens its deepest thoughts
to a fellow bud

Sometimes it finds a vast, quiet spot
free of rocky mountains of troubles
and stands alone
to exhale the day away

Sometimes it needs
To build its own warmth
Blaze a hearth 
with the spark of a relaxed grin

Sometimes it jealously crashes
To steal the air’s attention
Away from the perfect sun

Most of the time, it just needs
 an uncaptured moment
For its dreams to run

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Friday, February 8, 2013


Today I walked away
But stronger than any pair.

 I met myself
at the corner of midnight
then walked until I found the sun.
I patiently walked,
though I wanted to run.

Today I divorced fear,
 packed my courage,
folded my prayers
 and tucked them in a suitcase.

I took my framed dreams
off of the surrounding walls
 then rested them securely
among the cushions of love 
and all things that will not be rejected
by the laws of time travel.

Today I walked away.
Tomorrow I will fly.
I’ll  blow a goodbye kiss
from the chainless sky
to all of the doubts
that I left so far behind,
shackled in my former prison
so they will never follow me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Got Lost While Standing Still

I got lost while standing still
on a random, weatherless afternoon.

No rain to run from;
No looking back to watch it fall.

No snow to measure
 the heavy depth in which my legs can stand

No mile long resume of muddy footprints.

No sun to serve as a golden compass
and lead me to familiar streams.

No wind to lift me back
to my subconscious.

I forgot who I was
while worrying about what you wanted me to be.
I paddled fast through your dreams
with no time to sleep and know my own.

Now my hope sleeps
where priceless treasures have deeply sunk;
Where only those who breathe no more can live.

So I sit  beneath a weeping tree
waiting for my first morning
 to dawn on me;
For a soft path beaming with opportunity
to spark my ambitions,
so I can wipe the long, dark midnight
off of these sleepy eyes,
and finally
move on
to discover me.