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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sometimes it eavesdrops  
And leaves sympathetic tears
on a flower
that opens its deepest thoughts
to a fellow bud

Sometimes it finds a vast, quiet spot
free of rocky mountains of troubles
and stands alone
to exhale the day away

Sometimes it needs
To build its own warmth
Blaze a hearth 
with the spark of a relaxed grin

Sometimes it jealously crashes
To steal the air’s attention
Away from the perfect sun

Most of the time, it just needs
 an uncaptured moment
For its dreams to run

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  1. is all of that! <3

  2. Lovely words and pictures of life ~ I specially like the last one, those moments are precious ~

    Can I invite you to share your poem in D'verse ~ Every Tuesday, starting 3 pm EST, you can link up your poem and engage with fellow writers~

  3. Man, this one too Trish...simple and beautiful. So full of the essence of you. Beautiful.


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