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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sign Language

What if you put down your worries for a while
there's a blank canvas so lonely in the corner
let's join our hands together in sign language
to explain the beauty we see in it
and ride the wave of its rising smile

We can fill it with a few tall things
that refuse to conform to borders
and stretch all of our blue
into calm skies and still waters

You spoke with your head down
of all the lovely things you had once
your words drew them so well...
Lift your head now
and see the wonderful present
that past can slip through your fingers and spell

There now,
do you see?
What should be
is really what could be
and somewhere it already is
waiting in a place made for you

So when you feel
your impatience boiling
that you are not waiting for happiness
happiness is waiting for you--
just hoping you'll be flying in
any minute now


  1. I really enjoyed this. What a lovely, optimistic poem. :-)

    1. Thank you, Paul! I do my best to stay near the bright side, and always hope a reader walks away with some optimism, as well.

  2. Happiness is waiting for you...

    I am just rolling around I that thought.


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