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Thursday, August 1, 2013


I can’t remember
The colors that surrounded the day
When “us” first discovered its life
When it entered this realm
Without the background noise
of all the “to-dos”
over the pretty dresses and sparkly shoes
posing on a red carpet moment;

I just know it was quiet
And it was everything.

I won’t call us love;
That word hasn’t meant a thing
Since a million machine-washing cycles ago--
So faded and half the lettering has peeled off
Now it’s barely wearable, or worth enough
 to throw in a charity box

I won’t call this a blessing
Because I know a higher power
Must have so many more important things to do
Than push together two ordinary, imperfect souls
 such as me and you

In fact, I won’t call it, at all.

This is too eternal
And it travels without direction
through so many avenues

At times, it is so fragile,,
So human that it fears its own death

So sweet
as it recognizes comfortable moments
And rests with them
 no matter the time of day

If  I could whisper a hint
I would say,
 It is the only place
Where I’d go forever

It is what we need
In a time of humanity
 Testing the strength of the surface
Poking the layer that exists
To keep the lows from rising
And the highs from falling
So they don’t collide and become lava

This is a million places
And a billion feelings
That all blend into one truth

No, I won’t call this anything, at all.
I will let it be a gorgeous secret
For others to learn on their own
A glorious surprise that happily 
darts toward them
 and jumps on them
After a long day of trying to get home

I won't call this
or cut and paste a word
from the dictionary

We both know
This isn't something that needs a name
This only needs to be


  1. That sounds like something really worth sharing! I'm glad you found it or it found you, either/or, maybe both.

  2. It might be that no ONE word can define it, but these words convey a certain understanding and connection to the feelings involved. Well done.


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