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Friday, August 9, 2013

Winter Boots

Closed Eyes
Stole the dawn's colors
from my skies.
And if that's the end,
I see what you see--
Darkness, and trouble.
Fearing a sober mind.
Intoxication only made it double.

So much loss
Yet there is so much within me

My pen glides along,
tracing over hills of grief.
On my head,
rests one autumn leaf--
a snowflake falls beside it
to threaten its veins.
The leaf hardens.
A crisp truth.
No life remains...

Hollow boots,
in this bastard of a blizzard;
No feet to fill them.
 No burning sun to will them--
Only stale, heavy air
to forever still them.

So I watch promises
break through the hourglass,
and stare at all the goodbyes
 my bare feet long to pass...

While whirling shadows cry
your empty winter boots
 kill the summer grass.

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  1. Wow, this is beautiful ... such peace even within the sadness. Emotive. I read some of your other poetry. Like it. Thank you for joining my blog. :)

    1. Thank you, Loredana! I read back through some of your older blogs, and I've now become a fan. :-)

  2. ooo love that bit on the leaf, the crisp truth...watching your promises break through the hour glass...another inspired line....very cool....def evocative

    1. I was surprised at how easily this one flowed for me. Thank you for stopping by, Brian!

  3. Beautifully vivid... and I can relate to the last 2 lines of first stanza b/c I used to feel that way, but sobriety really is the easier, softer way.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, even if my name implies otherwise! ;-) Thank you!

  4. The darkness of intoxication, the darkness of grief -- they have their parallels to one another, don't they? And then there are the good-byes. Very nice writing. Glad you shared with Poetry Jam this week!

    1. I'm very grateful that I stumbled upon this lovely and talented group! Thank you, Mary!

  5. Very vivid and so much mood in this. Nice write and thanks for posting at PJ.

    1. Thank you, Peggy! I hope that I can participate again, but either way-- I will be sure to keep up with many of the regular bloggers there.

  6. My favorite stanza is "hollow boots" ... lovely poetry.

    1. That is where the darkness stands! Thank you, Helen!

  7. stole the dawn's colors from my skies...

    no peace, even in the quiet of the morning? Truly a poem of darkness - or greyness.

    1. and not an easy place to make it through! Thank you, Margaret!

  8. ...ah, i especially liked the last 2 lines: "your empty winter boots / kill the summer grass' --- so much could be achieved behind those lines... the absence is felt even more solid after reading that... loved it... smiles...

    p.s. »» got too busy this late finishing some corporate projects and though i'm very slow at responding regularly...know that i genuinely, genuinely appreciate you for stopping by to read & comment on my works... thank you... smiles...

  9. "in this bastard of a blizzard..." such a strikingly powerful line and, strangely, one that dispels some of the darkness, engenders some fighting talk ... and hope.


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