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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eviction Notice

Tonight I would prefer
 to not harbor my pain.
The earth has soaked up
the last of the meteor's rain
and the air is requesting to come inside.

Beneath a wonder
that juggles more
than my mind’s ability to conceive,
I no longer can stand to grieve
So I ask
 if it would care for my sorrow,
give my troubles a new home
if I evict my tears
to leave my heart open 
A spacious place
for lighter things to occupy

emotions swimming,
always swimming
against the current;
I think it's time they fly.
A change of pace  
leave the salty water 
for the candy coated sky.

So tired of the aching
it's likely just as tired of me
so how about
we set each other's weariness free


  1. Such a lovely thought. I so hope it works for you. I think it will most days.


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