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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Missing You

I have been visiting days
specifically those
 that knew you quite well
asking them to share a memory or two

I have been touching walls
that you've spoken to
when I was too busy to listen
hoping to feel 
leftover vibrations of your voice

I have been walking in reverse
tracing the steps back to
the moment when you lost your life
wishfully thinking I could find it 
and give it back to you

I have been painting the words
"I love you always"
mixing my bleeding heart
with the bluest days
because purple was your favorite color

I have been cursing
 time's impatience
it knew you were always getting lost
 and arriving fashionably late
yet it selfishly refused to wait...

I guess that must be 
why these hours are so lonely
they really missed out on something
 so incredibly beautiful
and indescribably great


  1. Wow. Perfectly done. Your words make poetry too small a description.


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